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Calum Muskett: BMC Ambassador

Calum Muskett was born and brought up in Bethesda in north Wales, a simple fact which has been hugely influential in his development as a climber. At 13, Calum discovered climbing and was instantly hooked by the adventurous traditional rock climbs of Snowdonia. Since his first outing on the Idwal Slabs, he has travelled all over the world climbing difficult alpine routes as well as free climbing big walls such as El Capitan in Yosemite. Calum has a real enthusiasm for all types of climbing; he’s as happy cragging in the Llanberis Pass as he is on a committing alpine face and has a raft of new routes to his name up to E8. Calum is still as enthusiastic about his climbing now as when he started and is always planning the next adventure!

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