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The Tim Mosedale Challenge - In Aid of Nepal

This challenge was completed with the aim to provide the children of Pasang Temba, Kumar and Tenzing with an education.

Pasang Temba, Kumar and Tensing sadly lost their lives in the Nepal earthquake whilst working on Everest as part of Tim’s Everest Expedition Team. They left behind their wives and 9 children between them, 6 of whom are of school age and now the bread winners have gone and they literally don’t have any bread.

Tim Mosedale, 49, an expedition leader from Keswick who was on Mount Everest when the earthquake struck Nepal in April has devised and completed what could possibly be Britain’s most gruelling outdoors challenge. Tim has set out to raise a minimum of £50,000 this figure will cover the schooling for the children left behind. However Tim hopes that this figure will be far exceeded allowing him to put money directly into the local economy to help others affected by the 2015 Nepal Earthquake.

At 6pm on Friday 24th of July 2015, Tim started his challenge by cycling round the Fred Whitton route (112 miles over 6 Lakeland passes) starting out at Moot Hall, Keswick. After that he was in Derwentwater for 2 lengths of the lake (5.5miles) before embarking on the Bob Graham Round (66 miles across 42 Lakeland Peaks). Tim completed the challenge on Sunday 26th of July at 9.50pm (51hrs and 50 mins). Anyone tackling one of these events in isolation would be taking on a HUGE challenge, doing all three together back to back is just unbelievable.

This video comprises actual footage shot throughout the challenge by Tubado. The interviews with Tim were completed during one take on the morning of the event. There was no second takes so what you see and hear is as natural as it could possibly be.

A big thank you to everyone involved and we hope you enjoy the film as much as we have enjoyed shooting and producing it, whilst also meeting and making new friends and memories along the way.